We’re just two girls with some major health problems, a lot of experience with food and healing, and major love for God.

Started by Katey Benton, a two time cancer survivor, and Caley Goins, an ulcerative colitis fighter, Wilder is a community where years of health failures and wins meet with the missional initiative to promote wholeness of body, mind, and spirit as we have found them on our own journeys. We have learned through experience that good nutrition and lifestyle choices combined with positive self-care and mindful spiritual practices are the keys to better health and wellness. Whether you’re struggling with chronic physical or mental illness or just looking to make better choices for your health, we hope that the resources we share will open the door to healing for you and the people you love.

As serious as our topics can be from time to time, we want this to be a fun place to share stories and connect with you on the pilgrimage to a healed, whole future.




A former culinary student, pastry chef and restauranteur, Katey knows about food. Combine that experience with her overcoming ovarian and lung cancer and fights with depression, anxiety, and a myriad of digestive issues, and you’ll see that she knows her way around a healthy kitchen. As she wrestled with the hard questions that come with living with chronic illness, she stumbled into a life of faith. After seeing the healing providence of God through her various illnesses and personal struggles, she was given the vision to start Wilder.


A practicing Catholic since her baptism and confirmation on Easter 2015, she chases the beautiful new life God has given her with her high school sweetheart/husband, Blake, their dog, Grube, and cats, Billy and Cleo. When she isn’t contributing to Wilder, she works as a marketing/advertising professional and co-runs a production company (Plainview Productions) with her husband.




Caley’s a preacher’s kid from Birmingham who went to college in New York and was forced away from a job in Paris by poor health. She’s experienced a lot of life in the past few years, and she’s had to grapple with a lot of tough questions. As she’s walked through this period of her life, she’s come out of it convinced of God’s realness and is committed to a life of holistic wellness and positive dietary choices. Her experiential faith and openness to new ways of eating help her in her battles with ulcerative colitis, depression, anxiety, and MTHFR genetic mutation.


She holds a BA in Media, Culture, and Arts from The King’s College. She currently works as a freelance content manager, graphic designer, photographer, and blogger. She also helps lead worship at a2 Church and loves books, theology, and playing with her dog, Otis.


Copy by W. Calvin Ross.

Above Photos by Kaleigh Peacock.