Galentine's Day!

There's nothing we love more than a fake holiday created by one of our favorite role models, Leslie Knope (Parks & Rec, anyone?). And even though we don't really identify as "girly girls," we still have a soft spot for watching Nancy Meyers movies, wearing pink, feasting on themed foods, and potentially shedding a cathartic tear (or two) over an ooey gooey romance. So, we called up our favorite host/BFF, Sean of Alexander&Morgan, and a few of our besties to get together and do just that!


See? We're basically Leslie and Ann. 

I (Caley) love when our friends get together! It doesn't happen often enough with everyone's busy schedules, but when it does, it's so refreshing and feels like home. When you struggle with chronic illness, sometimes hanging out with people can be overwhelming or just exhausting, but the right people lift you back up and encourage you to keep carrying on. So, it was a much-needed night for me that left me feeling hopeful, happy and loved. And sometimes that's all we need to turn around and conquer the next thing! 

Katey made DELICIOUS food: a pavlova topped with coconut milk whipped cream, berries and blood orange, as well as three different kinds of truffles. And our friends Sean & Allie created the most beautiful tablescape!

Photo by Brad Dixon.

Photo by Brad Dixon.


She really outdid herself. I have a notorious sweet tooth, and I think I could have eaten the entire pavlova all by myself given the chance. Which is part of why I rarely allow myself to bake! (The other part of my not baking is that I'm notoriously bad at paying attention to detailed directions. Baking is harrrd!)

I just made a simple cocktail for our guests and Nancy Meyers' BINGO cards! They were a huge hit. Katey and I rarely drink for health reasons, but we taste tested this little cocktail recipe! You know, for the people.


I must be dreaming of spring, because this is so light & refreshing. Made with grapefruit, mint, vodka & sparkling water, it's low calorie (if you're counting) and tastes like straight-up spring.


Love Potion NO. 9



  • 1.25 oz Tito's Vodka
  • 2 oz fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
  • Top off with your favorite flavor of sparkling water! 
  • Mint leaves for garnish
  • Honey or coconut sugar for added sweetness (optional)


Truffles adapted from The Minimalist Baker

Katey's Paleo Pavlova Recipe on our blog here.